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​We Are Privileged To Have Clients That Trust Us In Their Extravagant Homes With Their Personal Environment Exposed. It Is A Beautiful Friendship When Clients Put Their Property And All That It Entails In Our Hands To Not Only Have A Clean, Organized And Grandeur Home As The Finished Job But That Our Craft Is Recognized As Part Of The Process In Establishing Long-Term Relationships Part Of Who We Are And Clients Depend On Our Caliber Of Artistry And Integrity. ​We Always Strive To Remain On Schedule. ​If We Are Significantly Delayed Due ​To An Unforeseen Emergency Every Effort Is Made To Notify Via Mobile Text. ​​

Imagine Coming Home You Are Exhausted And Just Want To Relax. You Remember This Is The Day For Sandy's Cleaning Service.

​​               Sandy's  Luxury  home  specialist


Your  Home  Will  Be  A  Showplace   

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​​We Provide The ​Old School Method 

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​ ​We Have The Trust Of  Our Clients

          IT  IS  PRICELESS !

      Elegant  Service  For  Today's  Lavish  Homeowner ​​


     ​ What  Sets  Us  Apart ​​

  •  We Assign One Dedicated Meticulous Specialist Trained Eye For Detail As Your Personal Manager Devoted To Your Household Needs ​
  •  Each Room Is Double Checked By Doing A Final Walk Through To Ensure Quality​​​​
  •  Amenities​*  In Our Constant Effort To Provide VIP Service We Regularly Gift Our Clients​​
  •  Specialize In Luxury Homes That Are 12,000 Plus Square Feet With Interior Elevator